Thursday, April 21, 2011

Comic of the Week - Invincible #79

Invincible has grown up. This was a fun issue that also managed to hold tension before getting heavy at the end. And all along, it made sense. It didn't feel at all like the tone shifted out of nowhere. Rather, it just came accross as real life with ups and downs and truths revealed. I won't say more, since it really wouldn't be fair to spoil anything.

One thing we always get in Invincible is a clear line between actions and consequences. Everything that happens affects something else. And just when you think it was forgotten, it comes back and the consequences are real. It's been that way since issue one and it continues to be that way. It's what makes this series stand out. Nothing is forgotten and nothing is irrelevant. For a book that covers so much ground, that's quite an impressive feat. And as the series goes on, and the characters we met as kids grow up (which is also rare in comics, where nobody ages) the stakes get bigger and bigger in real ways. It's one thing to save the world or the universe itself, but it's the every day, human situations that will break you down.

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