Thursday, June 11, 2015

Witching and Bitching

las brujas de zugarramurdi

So, Spongebob Squarepants, Minnie Mouse, The Invisible Man and a Green Army Man team up with Silver Jesus and a little boy to rob a jewelry store in Barcelona. When the heist goes to shit, Jesus, the little boy, who happens to be his son and the Green Army Man, hijack a taxi and head out of town, quickly winning over the taxi driver to their cause. And what is their cause, you ask? Well, Jesus is divorced and just wants to spend more time with his son. Insanely enough, this is only scratching the surface of the bizarre, hilarious, sometimes gross and sometimes allegorical (?) Witching and Bitching or Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi, written and directed by Spain's Alex de la Iglesia.

I don't normally do straightforward reviews, mainly because I'm not that good. So what I can tell you is this movie had me cracking up throughout most of the first half at the complete craziness of the conversations going on. At times I was even a little uncomfortable with the sense that it might lead toward some anti-woman diatribe what with the "heroes" all going on about their ex wives and girlfriends being bitches. But then there there'd be bit about how they can't perform sexually and it all would just balance out. Ultimately, this (not so)subtext about the battle of the sexes is what makes this movie more than just midnight madness. Pitting these guys against a group of witches only highlights how stupid and also correct both sides of that battle are.

But let's not pretend this is an intellectual affair. Make no mistake there is some gross-out humor here as well. And to be honest I think that's where it loses a little something. In a way, this reminded me of From Dusk Til Dawn, which started off as a typical heist film before going into an over the top vampire death orgy. I didn't care for that movie. This is better than Dusk Til Dawn, but I do feel the last half sort of goes off the rails, though I have to say it's at the very least, interesting how bonkers this gets. All in all, though, it's definitely a fun movie, and I suggest checking it out for yourself. I'm sure some of the hilarity will be lost in translation, but it's worth a shot. I mean, come on, check out this trailer.

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