Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max

What do you do when you want to see Mad Max: Fury Road, but your girlfriend isn't into it? You catch a plane to Florida for the weekend to see it with your bro and tell everyone you came down to taste some "special" beer, that's what you do. And I'm that bro, bro. Even after a flight from hell and lining up for beer at 8am, we figured Ed wouldn't fall asleep at this movie because it was going slap him in the face repeatedly if he tried. Of course, we hadn't counted on being destroyed and demoralized at My Little Pony Monopoly, by a six year old girl but that's another story.

Don't let them fool you, this was a brutal life lesson.
Carlos wrote a full review over at Examiner, so go check that out, though I don't fully agree with him. Maybe it's because I was never really into the Mad Max movies and hardly remember them, but I liked this a whole lot more than he did. I get his criticism because it sounds like something I might say if I were more reverent about the previous movies. I like grit. But with fresher eyes, I see this as a larger than life fever dream and any gloss is really not a problem for me. Is the plot a little thin? Sure, but so what? I wasn't expecting anything more in that department. This thing had me clenching from the beginning to the end. What I will say is that it maybe ends a bit abruptly. The final sequence seemed to lose some clarity and the climax was a little anti-climactic. I get the feeling they may have cut something for time or just couldn't really figure out how to end it in a way that lived up to all the tension. I'm not sure what they could have done differently, though. It's sustained batshit crazy insanity throughout, pretty much, and at the end of the day, it's a Hollywood movie, that needs to end in a way that won't make audiences' heads explode.

mad max madness
So, interesting fact about George Miller is that he seems to be as bananas as this movie would suggest, or at least his filmography is nuts. He gave the world Mad Max, but he also gave us Happy Feet. I wonder if they take place in the same universe. Is that how the apocalypse began? With penguins dancing? You never know. I suggest that the tie in should be the guy with the fire breathing guitar from Fury Road.

happy feet: beyond thunderdome
Two penguins enter, one penguin leaves!!!
Anyway, I'm hoping Ed talks his girlfriend into going to see the movie because it really was fun and focuses on strong female characters which I think we all can appreciate. Oh, and that special beer? It was the Dragon Fruit Passion Fruit Stush (DFPF) from J. Wakefiled. It was OK, but not really my cup of tea, or beer. Ed's fucking crazy. Mad Ed will one day roam the wasteland in search of the last hop vine. VALHALLA!

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