Monday, May 14, 2012

Comic of the Week - Wolverine and the X-Men

I said I wasn't going to read Avengers vs. X-Men and I meant it. However, there's at least one book I read monthly that ties in and I'm not dropping it, either. The good news is, that Wolverine and The X-Men does not require you to have read any of the AvX books in order to get what's going on here. It also doesn't completely go into dealing with that event and put aside any of the threads that were going on in this book. Instead, what Jason Aaron does is show us characters dealing with tough decisions and changing relationships while dealing with the things that they were already dealing with. Logan is struggling with the reality of having to fight against his fellow mutants since he sided with the Avengers, when Scott and his team show up at the school to talk. He confronts Logan about his choices and, it seems pretty clear to me that only one of them is actually thinking clearly, even though both have good intentions. I still won't read AvX, but this conversation, this tension, was interesting and engaging in the way that the Xavier and Magneto relationship always was. Meanwhile, Angel, whose mind was completely wiped in the pages of Uncanny X-Force is coming to terms with not being a real angel and Genesis/Kid Apocalypse, is coming to terms with who he really is. Also, several of the teachers, including Ice Man and Rachel Summers, decide to join Cyclops, much to Logan's surprise. I can't speak for the rest of the event, but if all the tie ins are handled like this, then they are actually delivering on the promise that you don't have to read everything. This was self contained and had enough hints of the big events that I never worried I was missing anything. AvX seems to be about broad strokes anyway, so all you need to know is that everyone is fighting about the Phoenix force. Coming into the tie in books should really be about specifics, and in this case it's about the ramifications of it all. Hopefully, this doesn't change, since I do enjoy this book and don't want to have to drop it.

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