Friday, March 2, 2012

Comics of the Week - Sci Fun

IDW's ongoing Star Trek series has been pretty solid so far. The stories have not been big blockbuster events, but rather just adventures of the crew, following the continuity from the JJ Abrams movie. We see that they've settled into the roles that are more less familiar from the original series, but with the changes the movie reboot introduced, as they explore space, the final frontier. Basically, this is the TV series, set in the JJ Abrams universe (with considerably less lens flare).They aren't big movie worthy stories, but they are enjoyable none the less. Mike Johnson has a good feel for the universe and has so far been sticking to some of the more character driven sci fi stories the original series was known for. I am interested in seeing if some of the bigger conflicts with the Klingons, Romulans, etc will be used in the series and what it will all mean in the context of the rebooted universe. The current issue wrapped up a two part story involving Kirk's brother, and the next issue promises "Vulcan's Revenge," so if you have any interest in Trek, the next one will be a great jumping on point.

Last week I wrote about Fantastic Four. This week, we get the other side of the story in FF #5. While there are some drawbacks to having two titles telling the same story, the overlap is minimal as we get a different focus in each book. The only real issue I find is that when reading FF, because I had already read Fantastic Four, I knew what would happen at the end of this book. There is an extra bit here that illuminates that shared final panel, but I kind of wish the books had shipped the same week to capitalize on the impact of it. These are minor nit picks, though, as I do find that the two titles work very well together. The story could have been told in one title, but then it would probably be much slower and I think the desperate pace we are experiencing now is a big part of what is making this so great. Hickman's character work is excellent here as well, with this book being more humorous than Fantastic Four. The kids of the Future Foundation are just pure fun and I hope when this story wraps up, they don't get lost in the shuffle.

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