Friday, July 22, 2011

Comics of the Week

I've never really been a big Daredevil fan. I like the character fine, but never read too many stories. No reason for that, just never got around to it. This week's Daredevil relaunch with Mark Waid might change this. The book opened with what might be the most concise set up of a an origin since Morrison's All Star Superman. And with that, you're off into what it is Daredevil does. He's at a Mafia wedding, stopping a hit, being a badass and having fun. Now, as the book goes along, filling in the gaps of what has come before, we're told that Daredevil wasn't always about fun, at least not recently. But the back up story in this issue nicely addresses this tonal shift in a logical way that makes the character that much more alive to me. The art by Paolo and Joe Rivera is clean but not simple. They use a couple of different ways of making you understand how Matt "sees" the world. I'm going to give this series a shot for a few issues and see what happens.

Uncanny X-Men 541 was much better than the previous issue. While it is still a Fear Itself tie in, things actually happen in this issue. I'm not sure how, or if, any of these events will be tying in with Schism, but if the crux of Schism is whether or not Scott is a good leader, this book makes it clear that he is. There's no doubt in him here. He is careful and calculating when using the few mutants left in the world, most of them children, to fight an amped up Juggernaut. Kieren Gillen gives us Scott as not just a leader, but as a master strategist, always thinking of the next move and ready to adapt to any situation. The best representation of this is when he says it's not plan B, it's plan 2, because B would imply there's only 26 plans. I'm ready to see more plans from Scott.

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  1. Loved that first issue of Daredevil! I quit reading a while ago, but I guess I'm back.