Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reboot This!

Well, I haven't finished reading all my books this week, but thought I should post something. Not much going on in the comics world this week though. . . .

I'm not going to blog about the DC rebooting thing (much)  I'll just say this. It's a business decision that is between DC and their accountants. Clearly, they have to do something to get new readers, which will be good for old readers in the long run, since no new readers would likely mean no new comics at some point in the not to distant future. As readers, all we are really in any position to judge is the comics themselves, the stories we read. To complain about that before we have even seen the stories is crazy. I don't read comics because I love the stories that were already told, years ago. If that were the case, I'd keep reading those same stories (which, in many ways, the industry has been serving up the same stories for a long time). I read comics because I enjoy the medium, and there are certain creators I follow. and yes, there are characters I like. But if those characters don't change, I will lose interest. In any case, I say to everyone afraid of change to chill out. Wait for the books then decide. And to those that are saying how the books coming out now don't matter, you're insane. Now is probably the best time to read them. Saying they don't matter now is like putting down a book you really enjoy because there's only 3 chapters left.

Anyway, this week's books. . . I'm still working on them so I don't know what my pick will be. But, I went back and started reading Jonathan Hickman's run on Fantastic Four, starting with #570. Wow. That's really good stuff. I was already enjoying the FF series, but what he was doing with the actual Fantastic Four series before the relaunch is epic. Hickman is most definitely one of the best writers working in comics in the last several years.

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