Monday, June 13, 2011

Manga for the Comics Guy - Gantz Volume 17

While the last few chapters have been about emotional impact, this volume of Gantz is about insane action. There's not much time for anything amidst the growing complexity of this battle, where the aliens know about the Gantz people and have a way of tracking them as well. To top it off, we have the vampires, curiously watching the whole thing play out. The thing about this volume is that I'm not sure what to even say about it. Had it not been because we've had so much emotional pay off in the previous chapters, I would probably tune out and just dismiss this as over the top insanity for the sake of it. But by this point, I'm trusting Oku will show the appropriate impact of the deaths taking place in this battle, which has been bigger and bloodier than any before it. There are bodies everywhere, and the general public can see the aliens. All hell has broken loose. Still, it was a all just fun and games until this happened:

And it just got crazier from there. Interestingly, the volume ends with what is set up as a good old fashioned fist fight, but I'm sure the next chapter will reveal it to be anything but. I find myself looking forward more to the aftermath of these battles, though. I want to see these characters deal with their actions and loss more than I want to see an elephant burst out of some dude's chest. I'm not doubting I'll get that, but I think it's great that instead of having me tensely looking forward to the action scenes as payoff, I'm seeing the action scenes as a set up for a much deeper payoff.

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