Friday, May 13, 2011

Comics of the Week

Flashpoint #1, while not perfect, did what I think a first issue of comic event should do. While the story was actually set in motion in the Flash title, which released it’s final issue this week as well, Flashpoint picks up from a good starting point, so that you don’t necessarily have to have read the Flash series. You could just pick this book up, start reading and be left with the appropriate amount of questions going in. Barry Allen wakes up in a world that is not his own. That’s pretty much all you need to know. As we go along, the specifics of the differences are revealed, sometimes clumsily, sure, but overall I think this was a good start. The big reveal at the end of this issue, which has been spoiled in many places already, sets up what I’ve been saying all along: that the main story will not be the best part of this event. I’m looking forward to learning more about all the characters that are introduced here. Next month is going to be crazy with Flashpoint titles.  

G.I. Joe #1 did a lot of things right as well. Chuck Dixon continues to build a realistic world around these ridiculous characters. Something I would love explored, though, is what is passed off as almost a throw away in this issue. When dealing with the body of Cobra Commander, we are told Cobra has to make it look like an accident, because his real identity was that of a prominent man. I wonder if we’ll ever learn who exactly Cobra Commander really was. That alone could be a whole series in this universe. But now we have Cobra coming after the Joes hard, as they have their contest to determine who will be the new Commander. And as has been the case with the IDW Joe books, the Cobra side of the story is what keeps me coming back. Can’t wait for the next issue, and the first issues of the other 2 Joe books IDW is putting out. This is must read material.

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